Kemba Najuma Opio, works under the alias of “Kno Design” as a contemporary painter and illustrator- Her artwork is a fusion of ‘realist’ portraiture of young diverse women with a minimalist approach. Incorporating elements of symbolism, typography and a strong emphasis of design to create bold and vibrate pieces that are both beautiful and intriguing. 

Born in Gray, Georgia in 1985, Opio studied both fashion design and painting from Savannah College of Art & Design. In 2008, Opio had the honor of being selected to exhibit with the Hammond House Museum in Atlanta consecutively for their Master Mix Art Auction. In 2009, Opio relocated to Seattle, WA where she still lives and works. Since moving to Seattle, she has exhibited her paintings both locally and nationally, with galleries like the  historical 103 Gallery in Pioneer Square and Twilight Gallery for their “ Daily Army: Women as Warriors in Contemporary Art Exhibit.” In 2014, Opio was selected by a national juried panel as a live painter during ArtCrasher Art Show in Venice Beach, CA.

Currently, Kemba Opio is working on her first commissioned public artwork through Seattle’s Office of Arts  & Culture and in the process of executing her first solo show as a two-part collaboration project with Photographer Elizabeth Atkinson called “The Core Collection.” In-between working as a painter and illustrator, Opio is a buyer and manager for Simple Life boutique in Downtown Seattle.  


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